Day 33 – A massive improvement and electrical problems

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Finally a massive improvement on my health. The Ginger water and its elements had helped an overnight improvement. Since Camp 2, my nose was no longer running as bad. This will become my newest mandatory drink for the next several days. Luckily ginger is in abundance on Nepali cooking, so sparing some for my healing would be ok.

After breakfast we got affected with an unexpected challenge, our electrical charging circuits were not working properly hence and would have to be recharged with our large solar panels and with the limited warm visibility it would be a while until we can get them recharged.

Luckily Dr. K had reordered some more Sancho and as I was finally able to breathe through both Nostrils a good session was quite a relief.

Sancho is back!
Sancho is back!

Movie matinee got suggested and “I’m legend” was the choice.

Tomorrow is Mother’s day and though the significance makes me sad missing my dearest Mama Telle, given my recent recovering and if the weather cooperates, I’m planning on heading towards Mt. Pumori and go for a long trek. A good opportunity to move the body while practicing breathing with my Buff (per the suggestion of Dr. K) as it’s a good way to bring more humidity to the cold air.

Great dinner and calling it an early night again with ginger water.

Treat of the day: The return of Sancho!