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Day 14: More in Kathmandu City

Day 14th – Final day with our Courageous Girls…… for now….. Today, Saturday, will be the last day with our Courageous Girls, before they head back into their normal lives. From our meeting yesterday we agreed on a 4- to 6-month development plan and this morning the girls shared their biggest personal learnings and inspirations they discovered...


Last night’s SF Courageous Girls fundraiser

Last night, despite the wet weather, dozens of supporters attended the second Courageous Girls fundraiser at San Francisco’s Hattery workspace. They ate, drank, and most importantly, listened to a presentation about the Courageous Girls mission, founder Siliva Vasquez-Lavado’s touching personal stories and the plan to take 10 Courageous Girls to base camp on Mount Everest. If...


Courageous Girls in NYC.

This past Thursday, Courageous Girls held their first New York City fundraiser at the WeWork space on East 28th. Courageous Girls members, Silvia Vasquez-Lavado, Deanna Brown and Roxiny Revoluna shared the purpose, vision and start our our incredible journey. Silvia spoke about her own story and drive to start Courageous Girls. Our newest addition, Roxiny, discussed her goal of writing...