Healing Through Adventure

Courageous Girls is all about letting mother nature heal us from inside out. Silvia experienced healing in the laps of Everest. Shailee and Maya discovered themselves in the mountains. Later, many survivor sisters have been able to transform their lives, thanks to the powerful journey of adventure both external and internal!
From successful artists, corporate professionals to cancer survivors, we have been able to share the healing with many sisters through these adventures.  After all, we all need a journey to go within!
Join us in our next Himalayan adventure. Your participation will not only grant you a once in a life time experience, but also empower a young woman! Watch this space for trip announcements.

Leading Through Education

Inclusive and equitable quality education is a human right, yet the pandemic deepened a global learning crisis. The inequalities in education only worsened during the pandemic, especially in remote areas of developing countries. 
At Courageous Girls, we are contributing to strengthening the leadership of young girls by providing quality after-school education in Nepal and Peru. This effort requires not only the interest of the participants but a robust involvement of their communities as a whole. 
Stay in touch with the ongoing impact and development of our ongoing projects in Nepal and Peru.



Want to Help? Sponsor or Mentor?

Healing is not a timed race. It takes time to nurture, to become whole again and it takes patience. 

As a famous African proverb states: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

Join our efforts by getting involved in our various programs. 

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