Supporting a wonderful journey of courageous girls with meditation

Petra Huber, our iRest Certified practitioner, joined the Courageous Girls on their incredible journey. Read how iRest has helped heal their wonderful spirits and helped the girls regain their lives.

We had the unique opportunity to start our work with iRest in Nepal, supporting these truly courageous girls from Shakti Samuha before, and during, their trip to Mt. Everest Base Camp. So what is this iRest? iRest is short for Integrative Restoration. It’s a special form of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation that combines the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation with knowledge of western psychology. With its particular protocol it has been very helpful for people with trauma due to its deep relaxation and restoration, and the wonderful team within the Integrative Restoration Institute started to bring iRest to survivors of human trafficking.

For a month prior to the hike, I had the blessing to start working with the “hiking girls.” We were working on creating an inner resource and intention for their practice and dived further into body sensing and welcoming – coming closer to the point where the girls can become more and more aware of the part inside themselves that is whole and healthy, no matter what is happening around them. The girls listen to iRest audio in Nepali, which the Integrative Restoration Institute was able to provide. The girls shared with us how much they enjoy the practice and that sometimes it was difficult, e.g. to close their eyes or to concentrate on the instructions. However with each practice it got better and better. They also said how deeply calm and relaxed they become after each session and how they can transport this into their daily life. During the trek, when times were rough, breathing exercises and connecting with themselves were very helpful for them. They shared with me that the idea of welcoming and accepting body sensations, emotions and thoughts let them overcome fear and go beyond their limitations. iRest gave them peace and courage especially in times when they were walking by themselves.

It was amazing for me to see in person, how powerful and full of joy those girls are. Despite all they have been gone through, they are ready to take their lives into their own hands and they are grateful for every methods that helps them. Human trafficking all over the world is an unbelievable crime. That’s why we need the support from all of you to help survivors in their healing process and let these diamonds sparkle again. Perhaps you can fight human trafficking in your own country or support us in spreading the healing power of meditation in Nepal, India and the rest of the world. For Nepal we are currently planning an iRest Level I Teacher’s Training in Kathmandu for organizations fighting human trafficking and their survivors to pass on this healing modality to others. To make this happen, we are happy for any dollar supporting the next steps of our human trafficking relief:

Thank you for your support and prayers for all the survivors.
Dhanyabad – Namaste!