Troopers on our 2nd Hike!!!!

After our intro hike from last week, today’s hike would be a little more challenging and have us explore Mill Valley and attempt a beautiful trail coastal hike called Hill 88. This gorgeous hike will get us into 1,053-foot hilltop in the Marin Headlands. From here, the sightseeing will tower over Rodeo Beach, with the Marin coast and ocean on one side, wilderness foothills on the other, and a pretty silhouette of Mount Tamalpais to the north, and San Francisco to the south.

We all started the day very early, with pickups starting at 7:30am. By 8:30am we had the whole team ready and on our way to Mill Valley


As the girls had awoke really early, we all agreed for a little breakfast ahead of our adventure. And so we headed to Dipsea cafe and met up with Michelle, our iRest instructor, and Lisa Kristina, acclaimed humanitarian photographer


By 1oam we were ready to roll and the start of our adventure. As we drove in Tennessee Valley, we walked up to the stables and from there you start the elongated climb into Hill 88. The pace of the girls in general was a little too fast. I was surprised as in 30mins, we got to a good spot that intersects multiple hike trails. Everyone seemed in good spirit (and that included a lot of healthy whining). The girls had weight on their backpacks to simulate a normal day and we were extremely lucky that the weather was sunny and pretty open for us. A perfect February winter day in Marin.


The last mile to Hill 88 is quite steep and that took the breath away and hope for some of our girls. This new terrain is a good practice for the rest of the hikes we’ll have left. It’s not a really long hike (about 4 miles from start to end) and by 12ish, all of us had made it to the top of Hill 88.

Given our very group of photogenic crew, posing for the pics was a must


and we even had a little dancing of joy from Julia

After the proper hydration and food refueling and one last group shot we started our fun descend.


If anything, the lead guide (me) was able to show on multiple times how easy was to fall on steep terrain and the steps to get up again. If anything my own clumsiness (and heavy backpack) does keep me extremely humble and real.

Everyone enjoyed the downhill, though a couple of us, felt the activation (pain) of very new muscles. Just the perfect warm up exercise for our first session of fitness bootcamp for the next day Monday.

Here is the audio recap of everyone in the journey. Audio has not been edited.


Treat after our first trek, a good nap on our way back for most of us (except for the driver)