Our First Training Hike is here

And so here we go, our official first training hike. After a very early start picking up everyone, my 4 incredible Courageous Girls aka “Freedom Squad” were ready and suited for their first training hike. As a way to test the waters, I selected the West Ridge Trail on Redwood Park in Oakland. Ophelia, the Executive Director of the Young Women’s Center joined us on the trail and provided moral support. We had provided new hiking shoes for Julia, Paola and Jess (both Ophelia and Jai had brought their own shoes). And so after some basic intro’s with the backpack and poles, we all got ready and started our climb.


It was sweet that just before our departure, we gathered together in a special circle and each of us made a powerful intention on what we wanted to get out of our first journey. And with little delayed, by 10:30am we were on our way. To my surprise the Freedom Squad group took off, leaving Ophelia and I in the back, talking more about the preparation for the journey.

Within 45mins after a soft elevated incline, Ophelia and I caught up to the rest of the girls.

The girls proceeded a little further and as Ophelia and I reached the highest point in the trail we took a little break and awaited for the girls to return. I briefly run up and caught up to the girls and they were in great spirits, specially knowing we were turning around.


Our mail goal today was for the team to get comfortable wearing a backpack and using the poles for up and down the trail. And even though some of the  “Freedom Squad” members had expressed some physical discomfort at the beginning of the hike, they found their grove by playing a little music, which quickly vanished any previous pain and complaints.

As we all started descending, the first mandatory selfie


and the completed group shot – with an ode to the superbowl fever and Cam Newton’s celebration style.


By 12noon we got back to our starting point and though some of us were feeling the effects of awakening some new muscles,we were all happily relieved that our first hike was completed.

As we started driving back, a quick audio recap from the girls journey.

Treat after the hike. Chicken tenders, potato wedges and cherries to snack.