Our 2nd Courageous Girls cohort is about to launch!

We are really excited to announce the launch of our next group of Courageous Girls, all from San Francisco. We have partnered with the  Young Women’s Freedom Center and for the next 8 weeks, their members will be participating in our Base Camp Everest preparation program.

From the words of Ophelia Williams, the Executive Director of the Young Women’s Freedom Center:

“…The mission of the Young Women’s Freedom Center (Freedom Center) is to build the power of system-involved low-income young women to fight for freedom. Our young women are youth ages 14-17, transitional age youth 18 – 24 and transitional age young adults 25-34. They’re 100% low income, 98% young women of color, 95% currently or formerly incarcerated, 58% young mothers, and 43% identify as LGBTQQI. Most have had little or no formal education, bear financial responsibilities at a young age, struggle with addiction, suffer repeat victimization and trauma at home, in the streets and have survived sexual assault or trafficking. Because of these combined factors, the young women we serve have had contact with one or more of the following systems: criminal justice, foster care, human services and child protective services

Our theory of change is that these young women will proactively fight for freedom and against the many forms of oppression if they are supported with care and love, healed through many modalities such as education, art, meditation and empowered through leadership and advocacy. We believe every young woman has the potential to be a success at the Freedom Center because of this theory..”

We are beyond excited to kick off this amazing journey of transformation, healing and empowerment. So much looking forward to update our progress!