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The day before our big trek and to relieve the tension for our San Francisco team an early morning massage would help the preparation. The rest of the team would meet us on Thamel to wrap up our permits and finish our shopping for the trip. The permit processing took a little longer and as we started the shopping part it was quite hilarious to have in a little mountaineering store 8 women taking over trying various things and keeping the owner quite entertained.

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By 3pm we were all done and everyone was exhausted. I still needed to run some more errands, so the whole team went back to the hotel to start preparing their gear and for a late lunch.

I had to set up a Nepali telephone so that we can have proper connectivity on the trek and that process took longer than usual. Petra had prepared one last special iRest session at 7pm and it was so endearing to see the beautiful set up Petra had at the Annapurna hotel.

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She gifted each of us with a beautiful flower lei for us to present to nature on our way into the mountain. This last iRest session was a powerful and significant for us to experience as we had a very difficult unknown in front of us.

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After iRest was completed it was time to leave our gear ready and our final Indian dinner at one of the tastiest Indian restaurants ever that the Annapurna has.

Shailee shared that the weather in Kathmandu and on the mountain hadn’t been the greatest and many of the flights on Monday had been cancelled. Our team had to be split into 2 and there was the likelihood that not all of us would depart on the same day. Trusting that the journey would unfold as it needed to. Heavy day and tomorrow the beginning of a journey!

Treat of the day. For me, this would be the last time for the next 2 months I could sleep on a comfortable bed, enjoying it to the max!