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1506478_10151942855043317_1320163368_nSilvia Vasquez-Lavado is a native Peruvian and sexual violence survivor. In October 2005, during a trek to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest, Silvia realized this journey would allow her to rekindle her inner power and heal her spiritualy. During her 7 day magical adventure through the Himalayas, Silvia developed an incredible sense of resilience, strength, compassion and more important, the reconnection to her inner courageous girl. Silvia was moved so deeply by the power of Mt. Everest that she made a promise to return one day to attempt to reach the peak.

Silvia began a quest to climb the world’s Seven Summits. She first summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in Oct, 2005; Mt. Elbrus, Russia in Sept, 2006; and she attempted Mt. Denali, Alaska in June, 2012 before turning back due to weather. She set off to climb Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina in Dec, 2013.

Summiting Aconcagua proved to be a life-changing experience for her. The day after coming down from the Summit, Silvia was determined to climb the remaining peaks – before attempting Mt. Everest. She also decided she would not go alone. Instead, she vowed bring four 18-year-old women – all survivors of sexual violence – from the San Francisco Bay Area as well as four 18-year-old survivors of sexual violence from Nepal.

Over the last 2 years, Silvia has already completed 6 of the remaining summits. Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia and Carstensz Pyramid in the island of Papua, Oceania in March of 2015 and recently Silvia summitted Vinson Massif in Antarctica in December of 2015.

Silvia’s own experiences have proven so monumental in healing her soul that she is determined to give this opportunity to a very special group of Courageous Girls. Her dream is for these young women to find their own courage, develop their own strength and heal with their sisters from all around the world. Silvia and the young women from San Francisco and Nepal will start their healing quest this coming April 1st, 2016.