Day 9: A long descent

We all awoke quite relieved about our day. All the girls were excited to start the descent and looking forward to more of the oxygen. After a quick breakfast we were all out by 8:15am. Our goal was to make into Debuche by 4pm and take advantage of a hot shower and the lingering sun to help us dry quickly.


It was amazingly easy and fast making our way down. The scenery was spectacular. Since we were no longer battling a lack of oxygen, we made it to Pheriche by 10am and decided to head up into Panboche for lunch around 1pm.


We hit a couple of incline hills, but everyone kept cruising pretty fast, the idea of a hot shower or no longer feeling a pounding headache, propelling us forward. Our lunch place was such a luxury. The food was absolutely delicious and as we were about to leave the owner gave all of us a traditional Nepalese blessing scarf.


By 2pm we were heading downhill along edgy roads with a gorgeous backdrop of Amadablan.


Tucka (aka Margaret) wanted to stop by the Gompa nunnery we had visited on our way up that had nearly been destroyed by the earthquake. Many of us wanted to learn how we could help rebuild this beautiful place. As we got to the nunnery, we were greeted by the same nun who didn’t speak Nepali. Through some of the workers we learned that there are only 3 nuns on site and the one that speaks Nepali would be making her way back later in the evening. I took video of their facilities and was really touched to see how humble the 3 nuns were living. We were able to call the nun who spoke Nepali and she informed us she was coming down from a different engagement and if it wasn’t too late she would stop and visit us at our hotel.


By the time we got to the hotel, it was pretty warm and everyone proceeded to bask in a hot shower. It was so sweet to see all of us with our hair down and big smiles as 10 days without a proper shower can weigh on you. As Tucka and I were waiting and hoping to meet Nepali-speaking Nun, we learned from the hotel owner their story. This convent is made up from Tibetean nuns who left China as refugees, fleeing the prosecution they faced in Tibet. Since the earthquake, the slow rebuilding process has halted their offering of teachings and other types of meditation. Their situation is very challenging, though Shailee and Maya learned about a connection we might be able to meet in Kathmandu who could help us learn what we could do to help in their rebuilding process.

As it got dark quite quickly, the Nepali speaking nun wasn’t able to make it, though tomorrow morning Tucka and I will head over their location and hope to speak with her in person.

Tomorrow’s goal for the day would be to make it to Namche Bazaar and be able to see if we can move our flight a day earlier and leave Lukla on Friday instead of Saturday as we are a day ahead of schedule.

Treat for the night: Everyone really clean and happy!!!!

Good Night