Day 8: A very yak day


One of the most magical experiences on this journey has been the way we all together have worked as a team. Everyone’s spirit after Base Camp was joyful but exhausted. We decided to rest in the morning and  and check in later to see who had the energy to go to Kala Patthar. Almost everyone felt they had given it all, especially the girls who were looking forward in heading down to Lobuche. As they started packing up Amy and I prepared to hike to hike to Kala Patthar (5,643mts/ 18,510ft) and then join the team in Lobuche.

Amy and I headed out around 11:45. The climb was quite steep but gradual. It was definitely the most steep of all the climbs we had done up to now.


I don’t know why my cloudy brain decided to take on weight, and here I was carrying around close to 40lbs. By the time we reached ¾ of the way into the mountain I decided to let go of the pack and continue just with my warm jacket and water. The views were just imposing. We had a very special sighting of a flock of birds flying towards Everest, spectacular to capture


The views of Everest grew more and more impressive, and by 2pm we finally were able to reach the top of Kala Patthar. I had forgotten just how difficult this route had been. Though I had a massive headache, the opportunity to be in the same spot I made a promise to return to 10 years ago was quite surreal to me.



We took several shots and I climbed to the edge of the final spot which was quite scary (video to be posted soon).


As I said my prayers we climbed down and made it back to Gorakshep by 3:30, with enough time for a quick cup of tea and then proceed down to Lobuche.

We got on the road by 3:50 racing the sun as it was starting to settle down and we didn’t want to be caught up in the middle of a not so visible trek. Since everything had changed so much, it wasn’t easy for me to spot the way. Then a miracle — I realized that the Yak droppings were the equivalent of a breadcrumbs to find the road. Thank you Yak poop!!

And here we were, Amy and I racing against the sunset and following the Yak droppings to stay on the trail. Finally we made it down our last hill before the road semi-flatten all the long way into Lobuche. As we started trekking without lights, the powerful sight of the moon made the natural lighting so unbelievable. Walking by the moonlight surrounded by some of the most gorgeous peaks in the world was an amazing experience. Just as we were about to arrive our little hostel in Lobuche, Maya and Shailee came out to greet us. An extremely long day for Amy and I, but completely satisfying for our personal journeys.


All the girls were so happy when we arrived. They embraced us  and were excited hear about Kala Patthar and watch the video I took. The promise of lower altitudes and more air also contributed to festive mood.

We all went to bed by around 8:30pm. Tomorrow our next stop would be Debuche, where a hot shower and a bed with electric blankets would await us.

Treat for the nite: Two: One – Ramen noodle soup with fried eggs, so bad for me, but tonight it tasted so good and Two overpriced Sprite which usually cost 50rupees in Kathmandu, but here was 400rupees. Good nite!