Day 6: So close…


Today was the toughest day in terms of elevation gain. Everyone awoke in good spirits, though those with the cough were still showing symptoms of the Khumbu Cold. As we left, the girls got too excited seeing the roads being icy so a game of walking on ice began. It was too adorable to see their joy at playing with something so new to them.

Ahead of us we had IMG_5822a long trek with a stop at Dughla for lunch. The road was an incline covered with lots of patches of ice but also stunning views. After 3 hours on a slow gradual climb, we made it to our lunch spot. We felt lucky that our hot soup and drinks were awaiting for us.


Our spirits were pretty high and an unexpected rendition of Dancing Queen had everyone moving. After an hour of rest, we had our last push to Lobuchel ahead of us. We had a long steep climb but the reward at the top would be a memorial for Everest Climbers and more stunning views. And what views.



We left a prayer flag in memory and respect of those fallen and after several pictures we proceeded to Lobuche. The steep inclines ended and we just had a trail of rocks along the way – the girls all too happy to play with snow as we went.


We made it to Lobuche as the sun was about to set. Despite being quite exhausted by then, a little Bangara got everyone dancing. By 7:00 pm, everyone was tired and quite nervous, as tomorrow we’ll have our push for Base Camp. Our journey will have us stop by GorakShep, drop our bags and then attempt a trek up to Base Camp.


We agreed to take it step by step, and decide once we reached GorakShep. Petra, our amazing iRest trainer, got hit hard with the altitude, but once we found another German staying in our same small hotel, her spirits returned.

Treat for the night: Knowing that we’d have good weather for the next day. In Mountaineering, weather is the most important component outside the mental and physical health of the climbers. At 5,000 meters, bad weather could make it very difficult. Hopefully the weather gods will help us.