Day 37 – Snow, The Everest Diet and Searching for Mark’s Behind

As we patiently await the right weather window for us to depart into the higher camps, we are trying to recover all of our strength and rest before the intensity of a summit push. Somehow the weather at Base Camp has gone from nice and sunny to mostly snowy. It’s amazing how fast the whole of Base Camp can be converted into a ski resort.

Snow covering in less than 10mins
Snow covering the roads in less than 10mins

IMG_9030 (1024x768)

IMG_9026 (1024x768)


Fine snow making the conditions uber slippery
Fine snow making the conditions uber slippery

Mike told me today that I’m due a long excursion to keep my body in shape and acclimated. I thought my daily walks around our camp would be enough, but I’ll have to engage in a 4-5hr expedition. So tomorrow my plan would be to trek up to Kala Patthar. Its sweet how we can easily be told, just go behind us and climb one of those mountains.

Most of us on the expeditions have been impacted by the Everest Diet. Given the strenuous environment in addition to the very difficult physical impact in climbing into the various camps, we have all lost some weight. Mine is definitely not as bad as others, as luckily my appetite has been in high demand. Though out of all of us, my cool teammate Mark has been impacted the largest, especially as his butt has literally disappear from sight.

Mark and his missing behind
Mark and his missing behind

It has now become the running joke as he pointed to us last week that his butt had gone missing and since his announcement, is so obvious that poor Mark has to grow a new butt again.

He is a chocoholic fanatic, so in spirit of lending a helping hand, I had planned on baking chocolate gluten free brownies. Dendi, our main cook, still recovering in Kathmandu but his eager to return and should be trekking from Lukla back into Base Camp in the next couple of days. Though for the time being, bonding with the kitchen team has been a fun distraction for me.

And so around 4pm, we started preparing the recipe. Both Kaji and Kilat were my helpers.

Easy ingredients
Easy ingredients
My helpers
My helpers

The recipe was straight forward, though we just had to improvise with our cooking utensils.

IMG_9060 (768x1024)

By 5:30 we were ready to bake them heating up the oven and await until it was fiery to start cooking.

IMG_9067 (1024x768) IMG_9069 (768x1024)

The biggest challenge for me as I was unaware that with altitude the strength of the cooking oven will be hugely decreased. The brownies were in for the 20mins that the instructions had called, and the batter was nowhere ready to become a brownie. We maxed out the oven temperature and still it felt as it was just simply warming the mixture. It was a little hilarious that no one really knew how to operate the over. There were some settings in one one of the knobs and the kitchen team had no idea what it’d mean. This would have been the perfect time to take a photo and send to Dendi for instructions.

1hr, still nothing, by close to 2hrs, the mixture had finally turned into something.

I managed to find a bag of berry sauce and with a delicious Nepali cream they have here (that easily turns into heavy cream due to the being on a glacier) the desert plate was ready. Mark had several servings and the whole goal of helping his new behind re-growth was met.

A torch light is great for palating
A headlamp is great for plating
Final product
Final product

We got the big news that a group of amazing and brave sherpas from various companies had accomplished putting the ropes up into the Summit of Everest, – a First since 2013. Now we just have to get a stable weather window.

Early night for me as I’ll have a big expedition tomorrow.

Treat of the day: News about the ropes being on the summit, now praying for good weather!

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