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Today was a bittersweet day, I got to celebrate Mother’s Day in front of the “Mother of the World” (The Tibetean word for Mt. Everest = Chomolungma which means Mother of the world) though the emotions of missing my mom made it tough. As I got more into mountaineering, my Mama Telle would always have a puzzling look in her face of why would I be doing such a thing? She’d remind me kindly how fearful I was of heights and altitude and it was hard for her to really understand this passion. I think she was just concerned about me getting hurt, and so the irony was that here I’m celebrating my mother looking at Everest and asking for her protection.

Mama Telle
Mama Telle

My goal trekking would be to go towards the mid of Kala Patthar / Mt. Pumori and just have my own moments appreciating the memories of Telle. After a good breakfast (I’m amazed on how (now) I can easily eat 4 eggs for brekkie) and with the ensuing rainy clouds I set off on my adventure. The number of trekkers making into Base Camp was impressive. Maybe a significant date to celebrate as well. It’s very sweet to see people celebrating once they make it here. Seeing their tears of joy, faces of disbelief, feelings of tiredness and others brings me back to my very same old journey, the first time I arrived to Base Camp too.

I wondered how many of them would eventually choose to get on the same path as me and eventually return to attempt climbing the Big One.

In no time, I was getting myself lost in the big scrambling rocks that will get me high into my goal. The clouds were not leaving the area, just increasing and though I had my big jacket, climbing with wind is not always fun.

Ultimately I hit a good high elevated spot and it was nice to have a good moment to myself to reflect while looking at my whole surroundings. The snow and wind came through, and I just sat and admired the beautiful sights. I had my speaker, so a little bit of music helped passed the time (and also a little bit of solo dancing was nice). And just as I was ready to depart, the sun opened up to some its power and then it got relatively warm. What a HUGE chance can a couple of ray lights do.

IMG_9007 (1024x768) IMG_9002 (1024x768)

As I reflected a little more, I just hope my mom can feel a little proud of me. Not so much for doing the extremely daredevil adventurous side, but more about making a promise and keeping my word about it regardless on how challenging the journey has been. I do miss my Mom, though her upbringing and sacrifice throughout my life are part of the huge inspiration for being here. Shedding tears felt good and by 3pm it was time to turn around and head down. I was impressed with the type of scrambling rocks I had to maneuver through on my own. Maybe all the climbing on the Khumbu Icefall might have improved my trekking skills.

Came across the welcoming prayer flags and just sat and admired the route out of BaseCamp. Seeing people depart and just in awe on how that tiny little trekking route can be the massive connection into impossible (or maybe possible) dreams.

IMG_3005 (1024x768)
The route into Base Camp from Gorak Shep
Base Camp and the glacier melting underneath
Base Camp and the glacier melting underneath

IMG_3011 (1024x768)

Video at the end of the trek

Got back to camp a little exhausted but happy to have ventured off. Dinner came very short and then an announcement update. Our potential departure for a summit push on Wednesday would be extended as the bad weather of Camps 3 and Camp 4 got on the way from our Sherpa’s completing their set up work. The extended weather doesn’t look too great, so we’ll have patiently await the right window. Maybe another week. Though to keep the interest going, tomorrow we’ll have our big Oxygen tutorial class. Something to look forward for sure!

Treat of the Day: Celebrating my Mama Telle and the Sun making it brighter even for a little dance!