Day 32 – Ginger Remedy to the Rescue

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The day was quite cold. As it’s the beginning of May, I had hoped we’d be transitioning into warmer weather, especially as the Monsoon will loom towards June. However due to the El Nino’s ongoing weather impact, the Mountain weather has been less than ideal.

After breakfast and with my running nose, Mike talked to all of us. We were looking into a prolonged weather window for a potential summit attempt, our outlook didn’t look that great for the short term and we got offered the option of heading down into a lower altitude such as Pheriche, Dinboche or even Namche Bazaar. We all weighed the options and we ultimately decided to stay at Base. Though it can be beneficial to descend the only challenge is that we can be exposed to random trekkers bugs hence worsen our condition. As most of us are battling simple diseases, we all agreed to keep our known germs into our little home and stay put at base.

Once the weather and our health improves, we’d be eager to take day hikes around the various beautiful sites in front of us such as Mt. Pumori, Kala Patthar and others.

The staff here at Base Camp has been amazing and catered us quite well. Dendi, the Base Camp cook manager, is one of the most gracious members. Always with a huge smile and ready to assist all of us. I thought of a great remedy that could help me, Ginger! I explained to Dendi about boiling ginger and providing me with that Ginger Water. He looked at me a little strange but went ahead and provided me with a liter of Ginger boiled water. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I forgot about the healing powers of Ginger.

My healing  medicine
My healing medicine

This would be the right medicine that’ll help cure my cold. And so for the rest of the day 3 liters of Ginger Water started my healing, woo hoo!

It was cute that I got offered Garlic water as well! I’m sure that’d had cemented the healing of my cold, but I’m not sure I’d be able to muster that taste. Ginger water will easily do for now.

Another early evening for me. Hoping the ginger water can make the miracles and get my poor running nose back to normal.

Treat of the day: Water with fresh ginger!