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It was definitely great to sleep in normal altitude (close to 18K feet) without the freezing temperatures from Camp 2 and beyond. But my cold affecting my nose didn’t seem to care on the lower altitude.

If anything it seemed to get worst. A prompt morning appointment with Dr. K, and he presented me with various options. Continue with NyQuil and DayQuil, start trying a nasal spray and if the symptoms would continue for several days then we’d move to stronger antibiotics. But trying a kind of “over-the-counter” approach would actually be the best choice.

During my visit, I was able to get a 2nd shot of my lovely vitamins B and C. This time we opted for a thigh injection as my skinny arms caused so much pain. As I was explaining to him my out of body experience on altitude and really on just the sensation of floating and others, it surprised me to find out the medical term – “Depersonalization” – which is close to becoming delusional. So much for the spiritual high from nature 🙂

If anything my body seemed exhausted and rest would mostly be in the agenda for the next several days. My big challenge was to overcome the cold whilst still embracing the freezing temperatures. A true experiment for me to live through.

During lunch, Anthea (our Base Camp manager) told us that a masseuse therapist had stopped by a couple of days earlier and left his card with his services available.

IMG_2986 (768x1024)

That was music to my ears. The only catch was that this person needed to be reached by cel. Unfortunately none of our regular phones work here so Anthea shared that I could use the camp’s iPhone 9.

For a second I thought she was serious, of course being in Base Camp with freezing temperatures, until I got a hold of the infamous iPhone 9. A good old school semi-digital phone. If I’d have known on the advancements, my Motorola Razor would have fit right here.

The latest Iphone 9
The latest Iphone 9

A couple of failed texts to the masseuse, and hopefully one seemed to have gone through. We’ll see if the miracle happens and he can reach out to us.

Dinner came and my nose and cold were not improving. Maybe prolonged rest and 2 hot water bottles could possibly help the cause. All for today.

Treat of the day: Iphone 9 to text the masseuse