Day 27 – A real rest day at Camp 2 and its freezing

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A short day for me, as it was extremely cold overnight. The cramping gone but my state of mind was too exhausted. Though a little bit of sneezing and symptoms associated with a cold started popping for me.

I fully embraced the meaning of this rest day. A little walking around to other camps, but the weather – full of snow and wind made it tricky to go too far.

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I was completely impressed with the growth of Camp 2, multiple expeditions have already joined us, all of us awaiting the ongoing work development of the Sherpa’s putting the ropes us on Camp 3 and then eventually to Camp 4 (the South Col) and then ultimately the summit. The tricky weather with lots of snow had hampered a lot of the work on the upper camps, so we patiently had to await the ongoing work by the Sherpa’s.

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Tomorrow our goal would be to climb into Camp 3 and spend about 1hr acclimating to the higher altitude. An early 5:30am start to be ready, breakfast and a departure at 6:30am to avoid the sun.

I was still exhausted from the day before and kept sneezing more and more, though as I went to sleep in the freezing cold tent environment, I had a small moment of hope that a prompt recovering would be in the horizon. Maybe the weather tomorrow will change the conditions for the better.

Need more sleep!!!!
Need more sleep!!!!

Treat of the day: Sleep!!!!