Day 24 and 25 – Speedy Medicine, Prep for next rotation and a humble surprise

Day 24

The morning started with some great updates, my B12 medicine had speedily arrived from Kathmandu. In addition, we were originally going to depart tonight for Camp 3 on our 2nd rotation but our date got pushed as the weather seemed to be cooperating further the following day.

Lydia and Roy (another team member) would be departing this evening as Roy was trying to catch up as he had to recover from a lung infection. He’d spend a couple of days in Camp 1 and we’d be seeing him in Camp 2.

As I happily made my way to the Medical Tent, Dr. Kieran was amazed on how fast we got my vitamins. These would be injected on my arm, and what I thought would be something smooth, became so painful as this red miracle liquid went into my muscles and IT HURT….. !!! OUCHIE!!!!!!

B12 that hurt a lot!
B12 that hurt a lot!

Unfortunately I’m past the age of lollipops, so taking the pain as an adult and knowing it will help on my creation of blood at high altitude was the only consolation I could take.

I went for a nice walk around the whole of Base Camp. I needed to look for a fellow Peruvian climber and his camp was at the one end of Base Camp, I was amazed by the magnitude of people located here. This is absolutely enormous. Unfortunately my fellow countryman was not in his camp, so this gave me the chance to admire the beautiful sunset and the mountainous surroundings.

IMG_8737 (1024x768) IMG_8738 (1024x768) IMG_8743 (1024x768) IMG_8768 (1024x768) IMG_8766 (1024x768)

Beautiful Base Camp
Beautiful Base Camp

As we said goodbye to Roy and Lydia on Dinner, I had a hard time falling asleep as there were so unusual rumblings throughout the evening.

Day 25

As I got up this morning and headed for breakfast seeing Roy and Lydia puzzled me. They informed us that an avalanche had hit high up on the Khumbu Icefall and it had closed the path. Miraculously no lives had been affected as it had happened around 4am and the Icefall doctors (the brave Nepali Sherpas who maintain the route) were already fixing the area.

Some kind of news to start the day for sure. We have been extremely lucky to have reached as far as we have had since 2013, and yet it was a humbling reminder about the will of the Mountain and the respect it commands. Mike (our leader) made the decision that we’d still depart tonite as planned.

LUCKILY for me, this morning a PUJA had been scheduled to accommodate for our new 2 climbers Masha and Colin, whom just arrived a couple of days ago. The PUJA’s are the special blessing ceremonies to ask permission to the Mountain for safety and after last night events; this was my MUST event to attend. It doesn’t hurt to get further blessings and support from high above.

Given than on my first PUJA I went a little too generous accepting all the offers which in turn made my stomach so unhappy; this time I politely decline the offerings of Rum, Wine and non-fruit treats and happily enjoyed my sipping of Sprite, Water and Milk tea with an apple. Seems my stomach is still enjoying the after effects of this renewed PUJA.

IMG_8771 (1024x768)

A renewed PUJA with a very sweet impromptu Altar box
A renewed PUJA with a very sweet impromptu Altar box

Lunch just finished and I’m packing my bags for the next rotation. Excited yet feeling cautious with the update from Avalanche update from yesterday. Trusting that Mt. Everest will allow a safe passage through the Khumbu Icefall into Camp 2 and to have a great experience climbing the Lhotse wall up to Camp 3.

Looking forward in update more on my return! Have a great week.

The AC Updates will be ongoing, not sure if my Inreach explorer will work.

Treat of the Days! – My painful B12 and attending a 2nd PUJA

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