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I dreaded today. My dearest teammate Paul had made the brave decision of departing from our expedition as he had a family urgency. Paul has been this incredible magnetic gentleman with a heart of gold. He’s originally Brit but splits his time between HK, SF, London and Provence. We got along incredibly well, sharing our various perspectives in life as well as our love for experiences.

AC had arranged for a helicopter departure Nepali time of 10:30 that ultimately became 1:30pm. As we said goodbye looking forward in seeing him while on my return to SF; I’ll have to transit through HK and it’ll give us the chance to properly catch up; else we agreed to do a Sushi Ran reconnection on his next visit to SF. If anything truly grateful to this journey for meeting someone quite remarkable.

with the amazing Paul
with the amazing Paul

On my return, I had a meeting/session with Mike and Dr. Kieran. My celiac and iron deficiencies had created a little challenge on my experience at Camp 2 and it was great to understand the options to mitigate more of it while on higher altitude. Making sure my diet is iron rich would be a plus and Dr. Kieran was going to request for vitamin B12 injections to be send from Kathmandu to help mitigate for some other effects. I’m finding myself extremely lucky to receive such proactive care. In the meantime, continue my balanced nutrition and strong hydration will keep playing a good part.

Somehow there has been something up in the air that has affected the respiratory system of many of us at Camp. Our dear teammate Roy was generous enough to bring this magic oil called Sancho; which according to tradition here, it’s extremely healing for our congested lungs. And so one by one we all jumped into the bandwagon with Sancho.

Brian demo'ing Sancho
Brian demo’ing Sancho

Even Dorjee shared a light demo of the medicinal usage of it.

Lydia and I decided on a girl-bonding experienced and had our private session of Sancho. Mike told us during dinner that our departure for our next rotation would be on midnight of April 30th. This gives us an extra day rest, though my nerves are starting to get a little too excited. Remembering that deep breathing is key!

Treat for the day: Sancho!