Day 22 – Life at Base Camp and honoring Prince

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It actually was a really cold night. I left my -40 sleeping degree bag up in Camp 2 along with my summit gear, and the sleeping bag at Base is only for 0 degrees. Last night it felt as if it was -15 degree night, though toe warmers, 2 hot bottle waters and my 3 vert gloves managed to keep me warm.

The plan for today was to take it easy. My aging body felt so much pain on my muscles. I believe the hardcore adrenaline when on scary and difficult situations can easily take over and make you forget about pain. But once on normal terrain, it’s a whole different story. I have 2 large bruises on my thighs, so hopefully the next 2 days resting will bring the appropriate healing.

The sun was pretty strong and this was a good opportunity for doing laundry. I love the good old school methodology to wash here, and our nice staff set me up on my own washing station. I think this would have made my mama Telle extremely proud.

Laundry Nepali Style
Laundry Himalayan Style

Our internet was down and it was great to just catch up with the rest of the other teams here at Base. We have a group of climbers who are planning on climbing Lhotse, Claudia, Louis and their guide Rob are really sweet. Claudia is from Colombia and is a great opportunity for us to converse in Spanish. Tonight they’ll be departing for Camp 1, so the excitement from their end was palpable.

After a great dinner, Anthea (our awesome Camp Manager) gave us the option of watching a movie. She warned us that selecting the title would be the hardest decision. As none of the gentleman were willing to decide, I took the lead. We decided on an action type, and as the options were rolling, it was hilarious to see how all of us unanimously agreed on the two James Bond options: Casino Royal and Skyfall; Casino Royal was our first choice but it didn’t work, so Skyfall made the cut. Surreal to watch a James Bond movie from such a completely inversed place. As the movie finished, it was strange getting back to our reality. I think that might have been the only movie for the rest of the season.

The lack of connectivity up in the mountain kept us away from the news, and as we returned we found out that Prince had passed away last week. He was a master artist and a complete genius in terms of creativity but a fearless innovator who never shied away of being different. I was lucky in seeing him on a private concert at the Fillmore in 2014 with my friend Belinda. Being able to see him perform so close up front was a magical experience I’d never forget. If anything my tiny contribution to him from here would be emulate that being different and fearlessness spirit. RIP Prince!

Prince at the Fillmore March 2014

Prince at the Fillmore March 2014