Day 2: Part 2 – The Climb to Namche

FullSizeRender 2This is the second of an ongoing travel log of the Courageous Girls trek to basecamp Everest. With so much incredible stuff happening, Day 2 of the trek will be a 2-part post. Enjoy.

We kind of overextended our lunch, as we had our toughest climb ahead – heading into Namche Bazaar, which is an extremely gradual, but steep, climb. To be honest, most of us were ready for a nap and wondering if we could barter to be carried by a yak.

We headed out for our big climb around 1:30pm, the clouds covering the horizon and the wind picking up a bit. We had to stop in the permit office at the entrance to the Sagamartha National Park (Sagamartha is the name for Everest). This stop was extremely special, as it reminded me of the same picture I took 10 years ago, alone in the trek and completely scared for what the journey would entail for me. This very sweet group picture filled my heart with so much joy that it felt truly special to be able to live this incredible moment, surrounded by such special, incredibly Courageous Girls and my dearest friends from San Francisco.



And so, with all the paperwork ready, we headed back out for our climb. It didn’t take long for us to have our jaws drop as we came across the highest suspension bridge in this area. It was daunting!

IMG_5465It was a steep climb to the bridge, but the views were completely rewarding. It connected us to the last hill into Namche. This slow but gradually increasing incline took the most effort for all of us. The many switchbacks led to multiple breaks, but we knew that this was the last piece before our next destination, which left us with very optimistic spirits when we entered the gate control of the Himalayas: Namche Bazaar – a town has changed enormously. It’s the largest metropolis in the whole region, and it has grown.

By the time we got to our hotel, we were all exhausted. It had certainly been a very tough journey. Hot lemon tea, popcorn and garlic soup in front of a fireplace made it the perfect spot to relax and sit as a group. Everyone was definitely exhausted, but as the comraderie started, most of us forgot the altitude we were at. After dinner we continued to share all of our experiences of the day; it was truly special for all of us to discuss the challenges we experienced and the openness and learning of our journey. The laughter was constant and so was the clapping and acknowledgement.

It’s the first time in my life I’ve had the privilege of trekking in a group full of strong women from various ages and tonite was just truly magical.


Tomorrow, we’ll have a rest day to acclimate, do a small day trekking in the area and just recharge our batteries. The treat for the evening – electric heated beds! Yes!

Good night!