Day 14 – The Best View of Everest outside Everest!

Today was our last rest day before our departure to Camp 1. Granted that this rest day wouldn’t be a lazy rest day. Today we’d hike up to Advanced Base Camp of Mt. Pumori close to 5800mts around 19,000ft and have our bodies acclimate to the altitude.

We had an early start around 7am as we had to say goodbye to a very dear member of the team, Don, who got hit with HAPE and the Dr’s determined it would be best for him to go back to Kathmandu to prevent any additional damage.

By 9am our guides, Dorjee and Lydia and teammates Paul, Roy, Danny, Brian + me were ready to depart. As we went back to the entrance of Base Camp, seeing our beautiful prayer flags as we started climbing up into Pumori brought a big smile into my heart.

And promptly we started the climb. Instead of ice, this was an area full of rock scrambles, black rocks, white rocks beautiful formations and others, which didn’t make it seem as if we were trekking up in the Himalayas, it seemed as if we were trekking in a more paradisiac place, more of a coastal beach location.

Dorjee kept a very relaxed pace as we were clearly engaged in very heavy breathing. One more break and a warning that we’d be climbing through a very loose formation but once completed, we’d have reached advance Base Camp of Mt. Pumori. And so it was! Though the loose formation was quite wobbly, once we reached the top, the balcony view was beyond breathtaking.

We’d have about 45mins resting and trying to acclimate, just taking in the high altitude.

Overdue group shots:

Group shot with the team
Group shot with the team
Dynamic Duo - with Paul
Dynamic Duo – with Paul
With the amazing Ang Dorjee
With the amazing Ang Dorjee
Girl Power! With the fearless Lydia
Girl Power! With the fearless Lydia Bradey

This was the most surreal views I’ve ever experienced watching these majestic set of gorgeous mountains range. We could clearly see Tibet/China through the North Side of Everest. The only thing we were missing were just binoculars.

IMG_2852 (1024x768)

A gorgeous sight of Mt. Everest. And you can see all the tents at the bottom of photo

IMG_2878 (1024x768)

The back side heading back to Gorak Shep and Pheriche

And an amazing Panoric view, with Mt. Everest overpowering the whole view.

IMG_2877 (1024x221)

Truly special to appreciate such amazing sights, in just 2 days we’d be attempting our first rotation into climb 1 and 2 and a walk to Camp 3

IMG_2883 (1024x768)

As it was time to descend, much easier for sure.

The Prayer Flags our Courageous Girls left
The Prayer Flags our Courageous Girls left

As we got back to camp, we all were quite exhausted but happy to have spent time at a higher altitude. The weather turned on us, with very strong winds. Tomorrow, we’d have a day putting together our gear for our first big move.

Bad Wifi connectivity but extremely happy to know that everyone was back in Kathmandu. One more day for the group before their departure in Tuesday night. Everyone was in great spirits and very much looking forward to their return back to the US.

As for me, I’m quite exhausted and kind of nervous about our first rotation move. I’m starting to enjoy more and more our special Puja Altar, a way of keeping me connected to my spiritual side when nervousness ensues!

All for the day, an early evening as the winds were quite high. Good night!

Treat of the day: The most amazing views of the whole Everest Himalayan Region!



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