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Day 7: Lobuche to Base Camp Part 2

The route has changed from my journey 10 years ago. In 2005, I remember walking into the glacier area and going up and down over a series of small crevasses and glaciers. Now the route was more elevated as Base Camp has also moved due to the constant environmental changes in the landscape. If anything is...


Day 7: Lobuche to Base Camp Part 1

Our day started early at Lobuche. It was quite cold but everyone was in high spirits about our push. Maya, Shailee and myself (the guides) were a little unsure how everyone would do as altitude grew and the air thinned. Our climb from Lobuche into GorakShep was longer and tougher than I had recalled. The altitude change was challenging for everyone especially...


Day 6: So close…

Today was the toughest day in terms of elevation gain. Everyone awoke in good spirits, though those with the cough were still showing symptoms of the Khumbu Cold. As we left, the girls got too excited seeing the roads being icy so a game of walking on ice began. It was too adorable to see their...

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