About Courageous Girls

Courageous Girls, launched in 2014, is a non-profit dedicated to healing and empowering survivors of violence and abuse through holistic therapeutic programs and nature retreats.

Courageous Girls’ efforts have provided groups of strong young women the opportunity to join a guided trek to base camp on Mount Everest and proved to the world – and themselves – that nothing can hold them back.

Most recently Courageous Girls brought the power of Yoga Nidra for trauma, healing and resilience to three groups in India and Nepal, benefitting trafficking survivors.


Courageous Girls’ mission is to heal, honor and empower girls and young women.


Our vision is a world in which survivors of violence and abuse realize they have the power to heal and achieve their life goals.  Through empowering programs and retreats, we support individuals and communities as they reconnect to a life of beauty and dignity.