Heal and restore life for millions of children in India and Nepal
who are disproportionately impacted by sex slavery. 


Photo: Kolkata Sanved

The Problem: 80% of the world’s sex slaves are in India, Nepal and Pakistan. Victims are brutalized physically and psychologically, suffering overwhelming trauma resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress and associated challenges for those who survive. In order to reenter society, these young women must overcome tremendous trauma and stigma, in addition to finding a way to earn a living.

The Solution: The India & Nepal Project provides the effective research-based iRest® protocol that assists traumatized individuals in healing from trauma and violence. It also provides survivors with a vocational skill as they can teach other survivors once they have been through the program. Over the course of the next five years, an estimated 300,000 survivors will benefit in India, Nepal, Pakistan and other countries. This means even more survivors can experience benefits like these:

“In the beginning I was sad in the hostel, now I am more happy.” 

“Before I had so many thoughts in my mind and could not control them
After doing this, I become calm.” 

“I sleep better.”


Photo: Kolkata Sanved

How You Can Help: The iRest Program is being brought to survivors at no expense to them.

Please help to bring this program to life by funding this sustainable model of healing and vocational skill building. We are seeking private philanthropic donations in any amount.

The healing process will be documented to illustrate the young women’s journey and the effectiveness of the program. An official donor report will be provided to all supporting individuals and organizations.


NGO Partners:
                                 Kolkata Sanved, India                                                                         Shakti Samuha, Nepal

Supporting Organizations:
Google, SOLD the movie, Integrative Restoration Institute, Taught Not Trafficked

For a full budget, please contact Samantha Kinkaid at (818) 620-2335 samantha@courageousgirls.org or Jeffrey Brown at (415) 381-4114 jeffreydjbrown@gmail.com