After a full four-days we’ve completed the first training in Mumbai.

The participants (all Kolkata Sanved DMT practitioners) will be immediately integrating their new skills. Each experienced personal shifts in their energy and understanding.  They are eager to continue practicing and implementing what they’ve learned with the individuals and groups with whom they work.

Final day during the Mumbai Training

From working with trafficked girls, as well as other vulnerable populations throughout Mumbai, in government facilities and private locations, this initial training will reach and benefit over a 1,000 individuals in the first six months alone. We are all excited to watch this program scale to benefit those in need.


As a trainer, it’s been a very meaningful experience and I look forward to our next steps together.

A graduate from the Mumbai training

Here are a few reflections from the trainees:

“It has been a beautiful and heart felt, soul felt experience actually.”


“The deep value that I take with me is the simplicity of the practice. I am very grateful.”


“I was able to sort through a difficult time that I was having. I really feel very grateful that I was able to attend this training. I feel very glad and happy.” 

This training was hosted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences and made possible with the support from Google, SOLD the movie, the Taught Not Trafficked campaign, and many private donors.