Heal and restore life for thousands of children in India and Nepal
who are disproportionately impacted by sex slavery. 

The Issue:

80% of the world’s sex slaves are in India, Nepal and Pakistan. Victims are brutalized physically and psychologically, suffering overwhelming trauma resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress and associated challenges for those who survive. In order to reenter society, these young women must overcome tremendous trauma and stigma, in addition to finding a way to earn a living.

The Solution:

The India & Nepal Healing Program (INHP) provides holistic therapeutic training to assist traumatized individuals heal from trauma and violence. The trainings also provide survivors and health professionals with additional vocational skills as they can teach other survivors once they have been through the program.


Over the course of the next five years, an estimated 300,000 survivors will benefit in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and surrounding countries.

This means even more survivors can experience benefits like these:


“I have learned to be happy with my self in a better and relaxed way. “

“When I feel depressed and upset I will use this to relax myself.”

“It’s very difficult to deal with body reactions to trauma. These methods empower us with tools that work.

“Samantha was very helpful and very open. I was comfortable to ask questions and clarify my doubts.

“Couldn’t have asked for a more humble trainer than Samantha.
Her depth of knowledge and experience of working with different groups was commendable.
Thank you for providing such an amazing training.”

How You Can Help:

This work is being brought to survivors at no expense to them.
A number of local healthcare providers and educators who support trafficking survivors are being subsidized.

Please help sustain this program by funding this effective and scalable model of healing and vocational skill building.

Collectively we can have a bigger positive impact. 

We are seeking private philanthropic donations in any amount.


NGO Partners:
                                 Kolkata Sanved, India                                                                         Shakti Samuha, Nepal

Supporting Organizations:
Google, SOLD the movie, Taught Not Trafficked

For detailed information and budget, please contact Samantha Kinkaid at (818) 620-2335 samantha.kinkaid@gmail.com or Jeffrey Brown at (415) 381-4114 jeffreydjbrown@gmail.com